Hey! I'm Megan Hast, a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

My husband and I tried everything we could to get a good sleep routine going with our daughter, including co-sleeping.  Fast forward three years to the birth of our second daughter, and while she was sleeping in her own bed, we were still struggling to get our older one to sleep.  We tried everything--laying in bed with her for naptimes and bedtimes until she fell asleep, as well as enduring multiple wake-ups throughout the night. Our younger daughter started out sleeping well, but that didn't last long. She developed a very strong desire to nurse throughout most of the night, so she became a co-sleeper with us too.
No-one was getting much sleep, we were always grumpy, tired, and frustrated, which resulted in lots of tired arguments and yelling.  I was constantly irritable and exhausted.

As if there weren't enough pressures on our family, then the global pandemic hit.  I was a physical, mental, and emotional wreck, and this affected our entire family.  I really felt I like was a failure as a wife and mother. Things HAD to change!

I started to research different sleep coaching programs, then I jumped straight in, trying two different programs for each girl.  I work really well when I'm given clear direction and the steps to take, and the Gentle Sleep Coach philosophy became a clear favorite for me. In addition to sleep training, I got lots of help on how to gently wean my children off nursing while sleeping coaching, which was really important to me.

Both of my girls are now dropping off to sleep when they should and sleeping through the night with no problems. The relief is amazing! The whole family is now well-rested and happy.

After experiencing my own struggles (physical, mental, and emotional) related to sleep deprivation, I realized that I wanted to add sleep coaching to my clinical and practical experience to help families get the best sleep and overall well-being they deserve, so with this goal in mind, I completed my Gentle Sleep Coach training.

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I believe it is possible for ALL families to get the restful, restorative sleep they need, and I would be delighted to help you and your family.

I offer baby sleep coaching services in English and Spanish.

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