4 Things You Need in Your Baby’s Sleep Environment


4 Things You Need in Your Baby’s Sleep Environment Are you expecting a new baby?  Do you want your baby to sleep better at night?     These are 4 things you need in your baby’s sleep environment from the beginning to help build a positive foundation for sleep and start healthy sleep habits.   1.…

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What to Expect for 6 to 8 month old Sleep


What to Expect For 6 to 8 month old Sleep At this age, babies need an average of 11 hours of uninterrupted sleep at nighttime and about 3.5 hours of daytime sleep spread out over 2 to 3 naps.  This comes out to an average total sleep of between 12-15 hours based on your baby’s…

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Why I Became a Gentle Sleep Coach


Why I Became a Gentle Sleep Coach As a licensed clinical social worker, I have always been interested in mental health and supporting others through their mental health challenges.  I never expected to experience my own mental health challenges after having children.  However, I did, and it was very much connected to SLEEP, or the…

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Preparing for Sleep Coaching Success


Preparing for Sleep Coaching Success Are you struggling to get your child to sleep every night?  Have you been trying everything and they still are struggling to fall asleep on their own and have multiple wakings a night?   Sleep coaching can help you to guide and support your child to build the skills of…

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Intermittent Reinforcement and The Importance of Consistency


Intermittent Reinforcement: The Opposite of Consistency You may be wondering, what IS intermittent reinforcement?  Well, in general, it is when the same consistent response is not given to a desired or undesired behavior.   In regards to sleep, intermittent reinforcement occurs when parents do not provide the same consistent routine or schedule, which makes it…

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Fall Back–Daylight Savings Tips


Fall Back–Daylight Savings Tips   Daylight savings time can be a challenging transition for everyone. Who is getting nervous about daylight savings?! With the “fall back” transition, you are SUPPOSED to gain an extra hour. The reality is that you and/or your kids are waking up at the usual time in the morning, which means…

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