Why I Became a Gentle Sleep Coach

Why I Became a Gentle Sleep Coach

As a licensed clinical social worker, I have always been interested in mental health and supporting others through their mental health challenges.  I never expected to experience my own mental health challenges after having children.  However, I did, and it was very much connected to SLEEP, or the lack thereof.   


After my first daughter was born, I experienced postpartum anxiety (PPA), though I didn’t recognize it as that until many years later.  Initially, we struggled with breastfeeding and my daughter lost weight and she struggled with sleep because she was hungry.  This caused me LOTS of anxiety and led to “reactive” co-sleeping, or bringing her to bed with us, out of desperation to basically doing anything we could to get as much uninterrupted sleep as possible.  I thought “this is okay for now, she’ll sleep on her own eventually, right?!”


Fast forward 3 years, and the sleep struggles AND anxiety continued up till and even after my second daughter was born!  At that point, the older one was in her own bed, however, she continued to wake multiple times in the night, needing help to go back to sleep. At the same time, I was waking up with my newborn to feed her for what felt like ALL NIGHT LONG.  It was unsustainable for myself and my husband so I decided to seek out support.


The combination of exhaustion and intense anxiety continued to increase as my overall mental health declined and we ALL needed to get better sleep.  The path we were on was not sustainable for us so I decided to seek out support.  


At the time, I didn’t know anything about sleep training and I researched sleep advice and tips, which was not enough.  I needed direct guidance so I looked for a training program.  That is how I found out about sleep training/sleep coaching.  The first program we used gave us a great foundation for helping our oldest learn to put herself to sleep independently and it was WONDERFUL and I am so grateful for the help!


It was important to me to continue breastfeeding or to learn how to gently wean her off nursing while sleep training my second daughter.  So I searched for programs that would help me do that and that is when I learned about Kim West and the Gentle Sleep Coaching process.  We completed the program with our second daughter and by that point, our children were sleeping through the night most nights and it was AMAZING to be able to get uninterrupted sleep in the night and know that we would all feel better in the morning.  


After doing the program with my second daughter, and experiencing the incredible results of teaching my children the skills of independent sleep, I knew it was something I wanted to learn in order to help other families struggling with sleep like I was.  


I went through the program and started Feliz FamilyZ Sleep, PLLC as a side job while I continued to work full-time as a Clinical Social Worker and Perinatal Mental Health specialist in a private practice that supports women and mothers through all issues related to pregnancy and postpartum. 


In my sleep coaching business, I want to reach all mothers/fathers/parents/caregivers who are trying to figure out how to help their children, newborn to 6 years old, learn to sleep independently.


I am bilingual and I want to provide my services to those who need it in both English and in Spanish.


I want to be an authentic resource about sleep and wellness and I want to provide support to YOU, if you are struggling with sleep issues, if you are a new mom and feel overwhelmed, if you are struggling with mental health issues that may be connected to lack of sleep.  I want to provide the EXTRA encouragement that YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB!


I want to create a community of people who are seeking to not only learn from me but to learn and support each other.


I believe sleep is possible for ALL families and I believe it is SO important for us to help our children learn the skills to put themselves to sleep!!


Let me help you and your family get the sleep you need AND deserve!


Let me know if you have questions!